Maintainence mode Problem


Does anyone know how to solve this Maintenance problem in OXID eshop?

Before that whenever I faced this problem, I knew what I had changed it and when I revert those changes back it will resolve this problem. But I don’t know from the past 2 weeks I got Maintainance problem again. I didn’t change anything and I don’t know how to resolve this problem.

What I had done so far, is I took a backup of my MAIN SHOP and then made a new FTP and push all the backup in the new FTP with all the changes in config.ini and .htaccess. And when I am running from that it will still show the maintenance mode problem. Please if anyone knows about this problem then please do let me know.

Thanks in Advance

Have you checked log files?


No, I haven’t. Will see about it and let you know if I’ll be able to resolve the problem or not.