Make charset configurable for utf8mb4


please make the charset in the class OxidEsales\EshopCommunity\Core\DatabaseProvider
configureable, so the usage of utf8mb4 is possible.

I this case an additional config Param called ‘dbCharset’ would be usefull, with a default value of utf8.

this is a very small change and cannot be done in a module, changing the db encoding results in a core change right now.

This is a very important feature, if you have customers who want to use emojis in their oxid shop.

I would submit a patch if wanted.


Hi Johannes,

interesting, I found this article about it: - well, just an article beyond others…

If not too much effort, I’d suggest to send a pull request and try to find a good description and reason (AKA “business case”) for it. May architects decide about it :wink:

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