I am working on module that exporting XML file with all products that are on the shop.

When I tested it locally, it working properly, but when I am testing it on live server, I am receiving following error:

“message EXCEPTION_FILENOTFOUND file_name.php”

But file exists on server and I set permission to 777 for it, but still without success.
Any help?


@user54547457, I reckon you missed to tell us some important information to make us answer a helpful way…

$var = oxNew(‘file_name’);

file_name is name of class that exist in the project and on local it’s working properly, but on server, I am receiving following error:
[internal function]: OxidEsales\EshopCommunity\Core\UtilsObject->oxNew(NULL)

file_name.php is not recognized, I cannot understand why…

‘file_name.php’ is certainly not a Class name. You need to use the name of a registered class as parameter to oxNew. Maybe there is confusion because class names normally are the same as the php file names, but without ‘.php’ obviously.
The other possibility is that the class may have been registered locally but not on the server.

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Well, class name is same like file name just without .php extension.

About the possibility of none registered class on the server, I tried with deleting .php file (that one which is same with class name) and re-uploading it, but without success.

Could you provide me any suggestion about how to check if the class is registered on server or not?

Also, when I am printing something before and after oxNew call, the messages are displaying correclty in the AJAX Pop-Up.

Maybe the class has been registered correctly on the development system but not on the server.

You can try to re-upload the vendor directory to the server. Actually the vendor/composer directory should be sufficient as that is where the class registration files are stored.

Otherwise, please let us know:

  • whether you have ssh access to your server
  • contents of your composer.json
  • in which directory the file file_name.php resides