Modify admin template

Hi there,

I was wondering if it is possible at all to change an admin template without changing the original template file. I have read a few threads, all of which imply that it is not possible to override admin templates from within a custom module, or that one can use blocks, which if I understood it correctly, provide the opportunity to extend a template with new content but not override existing content, which is what my experiments seem to confirm. Is there anything new on this topic that I may have failed to notice? (using CE 4.6.4)

i have tried extending an admin view class and overriding the template name in it with mine, registering all this in the metadata file, but it seems like the admin view classes are not overloadable like some core classes. Is that really the case? ( I might just not have set it up properly)

Hello Helena,

nope, you’re right. There’s no override feature for admin templates yet. You may try to work with blocks - shall be possible.


Thanks Marco

check this out

ich wollte gerade die user_main.tpl im Admin-Bereich (Oxid 4.7) per Modul überschreiben.

Das Exception_Log meldet
oxSystemComponentException-oxException (time: 2014-01-13 10:46:52): [0]: EXCEPTION_SYSTEMCOMPONENT_TEMPLATENOTFOUND

Kann jemand bitte mal einen kleinen Blick auf das angehängte Modul werfen, was ich falsch gemacht habe und oxid die neue Tpl nicht findet?