Module Certification: Creating Testcases

I am trying the “module certification” section in oxid documentation and i need some guidance for starters.

i have maintained the file/folder structure accordingly and now the section in documentation talks about test cases. So i want to ask,

Should i only use testing_library mentioned in documentation? I cannot use PHPUnit tests? Will it be a problem in module certification if i don’t use testing_library because i am on windows platform. and testing_library is not supported on windows (

Also right now i just created a simple test file and looks like this right now:

Am i heading in the right direction?

I am using OXID shop CE version 6.1.4
PHP version: 7.0.33

Any suggestions/corrections for me OXID community?

try to use a virtual machine like vagrant or docker

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That i can. But my point is if i dont use testing_library provided by oxid. Will this be a problem in getting the module certified?

This question can only answered by oxid.
I think the main goal of the certification is the integration into the shop without affecting the standard process of the shop.

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I see they say "It is recommended to use testing library" But that means i am not restricted to only use testing library.

As they announced this testing library on oxid commons, they also showed a spreadsheet for certitifation costs calculation. As far as I remember, the certification is cheaper if you use the recommended testing library. This spreadsheet should be somewhere in the module testing kit, maybe on github or oxidforge.

On this page they say you should use the OXVM and run all shop tests with the module installed before applying for certification.

@leofonic I have configured OXVM but i dont see its advantage because at the end i got shop files in Ubuntu.

My point is whether i should use testing_library provided by oxid or not?

Beause testing_library won’t run on windows (i dont know why!). So if i use virtualbox and install ubuntu in that. and just use it as my second OS, like install composer, php, oxid shop, and create test cases using testing_library will that be okay? Also OXVM comes with cli ubuntu i think i am not able to see any GUI have searched it for hours.

Hi @Mohsin_Javaid,

if you trigger the selenium installation as described here you will also get a minimalistic desktop which is accessible via VNC.