Module could not be loaded 4.10.2

Hello everyone,

I installed a module manually, later I deactivated it and deleted files.

Today, when I am trying to install again, I am getting module could not be loaded.

How can I fix this on oxid eshop 4.10.2?

Hello :slight_smile:

best practise is to deactivate old modules via admin and then delete module files.

In your case to delete old modules, you delete all database entries with

delete from oxconfig where oxvarname in (

After this you have to activate all needed modules in admin again.


this query messed my whole test system :frowning:

To empty the tmp should help.

Yes it did. Thanks :slight_smile:

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have you activate all needed modules, after you execute the query?

emptying the temp solved the problem.

It also solved the original issue created in thread.