Module not showing in backend OXID-EE 5.2.11


i developed a module on OXID EE 6.2.1 and there i can install it via composer. and it works fine.
But i want to test it with OXID EE 5.2.11 as well… firstly i dont see any composer.json file on the root and when i put the module inside modules directory i cannot see it in the admin backend. Is there somthing changed about the installation of modules in 5.2.11 or am i missing something here ?

Also Is there any guide or docs available for OXID-EE 5.2.11 module development i can’t seem to find it online.

does your module use vendor folder?
like: modules/vendor/module/ instead of modules/module
in this case you need to add vendormetadata.php to your vendor directory, like this one:

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@vanilla_thunder I just added vendormetadata.php and after that my module showed in backend! Thankyou so much! But can i ask what is the reason behind it? How does vendormetadata.php is working ?

I am unable to find documentation on OXID Enterprise Edition and i am first time working with version 5. I started my OXID journey with version 6 so not really know much about earlier version.

P.S my module directory structure is like this:

OXID-EE 5.2.11 shop root / modules / my_module_vendor / my_module

module vendor folder was a new feature in one of the 5.x versions, it allows module vendors to put their modules into an own subdirectory. There is no particular advantage of using a vendor folder except having “clearer” module directory (e.g. 5 vendor folders instead of 30 folders right in modules directory).
By adding the vendormetadata.php you are telling the shop that this directory is such a vendor folder, so the shop scans all subdirectories for modules.

After oxid 4.6 there was a version split between ee and ce/pe, so oxid ee 5.3 equals ce/pe 4.10, ee 5.2 = ce/pe 4.9 and so on. For EE 5.2 you can use latest documentation for v4, which will be 4.10, since there were no big differences to ce/pe 4.9 or ee 5.2.

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@vanilla_thunder Thankyou so much for this nice explanation! That was really helpful :slightly_smiling_face: