More CMS-features

I am looking for a shop-system, that allows adding content,that is good for consulting, atmosphere etc, but not shop-article. That means, more cms- and web 2.0 - functionality (text, video, forum …). An example for some ot that is . Is that possiple with open-source - oxid - esales out of the box, or do i need a lot of own developement? - I think, the future of online-shopping is much more than selling by the cheapest price. But for that you need a software, that allows to build up a community, or at least some content arround the shop…

Hello spok,

actually, the given example is an OXID-shop (have a look at the source code).

Of course, you had something to do with adopting the templates and the built in CMS functionality.

Marco Steinhäuser
Community Guide
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