Name not showing for shipping method when switching language

I created a new shipping method named “test_ship” just for testing purposes. And the language was selected as english while creating the shipping method

After this the shippping method name is shown in the shop while checking out, But when i swtich the language of the shop to German i dont see the shipping method name.

Also the multi language title doesn’t fill in the shop database, is this some kind of bug in the shop?

No, you have to define a name for german translation in admin. You can choose german in admin and then you see no name in german is define…

Oh boy i didn’t see that before!! :sweat_smile:
i just had to copy the translation to german too!! Thanks @indianer3c :slightly_smiling_face:

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@indianer3c One more thing, can i set this delivery method id as i want just like “oxidstandard” is ?
Can i do that from shop admin? Because right now when i create a new shipping method, the delivery method is just random string.

No, it is not possible from shop admin. You can change the id in your database, because you have take care of the assignments of your delivery method. Maybe you create your delivery method, then you change the id in your database and then you set your assignments in shop admin.

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I see… Thanks for the information @indianer3c :slightly_smiling_face:

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