Need help creating a new module

I am thinking of creating a module that allows currency conversion in OXID using some public data sources.As per the various module tutorials, to initialize the module, I need to go into OXID admin panel and create an entry likeoxarticle => ourmodule/extendedarticleratingSo, if my module is called currency.php, I should have an entry likeoxarticle => currencyIs this correct?Also, what should be the key value in this entry ie. what do I use instead of ‘oxarticle’? What is the logic behind this key->value system? I am not able to find this in the docs anywhere…can anyone help?



Hi Vikram,

Module configuration array you are talking about is dedicated for overriding existing functionality. Short example: in your module you want to override the way Crosseling products for article works, then you implement oxArticle::getCrossSelling() method in separate class (lets say class myArticle extends oxArticle{}) and place it to separate file myarticle.php, so to include this module you have to register it in module array you are talking (oxArticle => myArticle), then insteat of calling oxArticle::getCrossSelling() shop will call myArticle::getCrosseling() when it needs the list of crosseling articles. That’s basically is how modules work, in other words having modules does not neccessary mean that you have to register it. You do this only when when you exactly need changed functionality. You can read more aboiut it in documentation page “How to write modules”…