Need help with discounts


So my shop has discounts percent based on how much you’re planning to spend.
Example: 100-200€ worth of items will get 15% discount. Oxid calculates that 15% discount great. But the problem is that I have option to PAY RIGHT NOW and get another 6% discount. And the problem is that those discount should not sum up with each other. It should make 15% discount and THEN separately 6%.

Example: someone buys stuff worth 120€ and gets 15% discount. 120€ -> 102€. And then add another 6% discount - 102€ - > 95.88€. So 95.88€ should be the price.
And I get 120€ with 21% discount: 120€ - > 94.8€

Help please. My firms management is going nuts.

they way you want it to work is exactly how it works.
wrong shop configuration is the problem here

Care to show the way? These 6% is counted from full price and I have no idea how to make them be counted after discount…

have a look at the official oxid demo shop.

  1. enable 10% discount for basket value over 200€
  2. go to payment methods
  3. set -10% Price Surcharge/Reductio for Cash in advance. or what ever payment you want.
  4. put some stuff into shopping cart,
  5. go to checkout. in the cart you will see a 10% discount from your original basket value.
  6. pick your payment in step 3
  7. enjoy tha magic of the proper shop configuration in step 4