Need individual attributes query and presentation


I’m not sure what ist the best starting point to implement a special tabled attributes view - replacing the standard “Specifications” container.

I need to combine different given field values as length/width/height to one string

Nobody? Question poorly written? Answer too simple?



don’t know if it really works like that but IMO it might simply be done like this in the template (details.tpl):

[{ $product->oxarticles__oxlength->value }]

That order in the shop framework drags out the value of the field oxlength of the oxarticles table.

Marco Steinhäuser
Community Guide
OXID eSales AG

I need two sets of Height/Length/Width as the product is a mould and the mould’s outer size and the inner mould content size is needed. So I made attributes out of these two sets, but attributes are not stored in oxarticles…

I understamd that I could extract at least one set from oxarticles.

Thanks if you have ore hints for that …