Need somthing similar to categories administration

Hello all,
basically I need something similar to the “categories” administration.

I need an interface to create/manage different authors, that I can relate to an article (books). One book can have many authors…
So it´s basically like the management of categories.

Is there a master way to do something like that?
Otherwise I have the feeling, I just have to copy paste everything that is related to categories. Also in the Database. There I think I just have to duplicate the Tables “oxobject2category” and “oxcategories”… make that sense?

Many thanks in advance,

Hi Florian,

I think a better point would be to start with manufacturers/vendors tables for authors and publishers. Although I’m not pretty sure if it would work out of the box with several authors per book, it shall be extendable.


hello Marco,
I need a many to many relation for that authors thing. As far as I can see you can add only one vendor/manufacturer per article. I think the category management is exactly what I need.
But today I tried to duplicate the whole category thing and adapt it, but it turns out to be a bit complicated, cause you have to adapt many classes…, where I don´t know what they exactly do. So now I think about to do it completely custom now…


Why not use attributes for authors?

Hello Hebsacker,
using attributes would mean you have to write always the full name of the author, right? Client would kill me for that :slight_smile:

Also each author has additional information like description etc…

In the end there should be an easy way to add multiple author to an article - in a multiple select field or something.


Hallo all,
now I really did the management of the authors completely custom - with my own list and form - as you can see here:

I still wonder if there is a more practical way to do that. But as far as I can see OXID does not offer a way to manage relationsships to not existing entities (such as a article-author relationsship…)?

Maybe someone should code an extension for that :slight_smile:


Hi Florian,

could you share the solution you have found, please? My problem seems similar to yours. I shall develop an online Bookstore and i must manage books with author / coauthor (/coauthor) where an coauthor of one book can be author of another book and vice versa. Maybe, together we can develop a module to solve this (general) request.

Best regards,