New blog post: Translate OXID eShop Into the Language of Your Choosing

Hi everybody,

for some months we have been using a translation center for translating OXID eShop language keys into several languages. Read on all about how it works and where you can find all the relevant information about language file handling, translations and what happens to these community driven translations:


Hi again,

just wanted to let you know that we recently could release Czech translations by 100% (including store front, admin and setup).

Other translations available for present OXID eShop versions are:
[li]British english
[/li][li]Informal German (Thou/Du)
[/li][li]Russian (store front)
[/li][li]Slovak (store front)
[/li][li]Danish (store front)

Thanks to all translators to make all of this possible. Most likely, I’ll use this thread to let you know about new releases. If you feel fancy to help, please read this tutorial and register yourself in our translation center.