New Domain and File Transfers

We have not decided a final domain yet, but have a designer ready to begin customizing the interface. Currently we’re testing on:

If the interface changes are finished before a final domain is decided, is it possible to simple upload the OXID directory (or a single folder) to the new domain without a problem, or will the customizations have to be made to the files on the final domain?

Or can we simply install a fresh version of CE on the final domain then upload the edited folders from the current testing location? :confused:

Thank you.

Both ways should work. The used domain is stored in your and if your designer works properly (relativ paths) there should be no problem.

Dont forget to transfer your Database. Most of you admin settings and items, etc are stored there. But that is as easy as the file transfer to your new webspace.


ChristophH, Firefax,
Thank you.
The designer is still working the new theme but we’re ready to fresh install on a new server…decided a new finally.

Just so I don’t make the designer very angry, her work on the new theme using the current installation will work on the new server if we just upload the theme directory to the new server, correct? Nothing needs to be configured, correct?



just one thing: Please make use of the template override system (see tutorial section of