New feature on Quick-submit a tutorial

Hey folks,

you might have recognized that we completely overhauled in order to provide clean and transparent structures esp. for developers and ambitious shop owners.

We have now launched a new feature “Quick-submit a tutorial” which is designed for you guys who don’t run your own blog or do not want to register on for getting your own blogging space.

In this forum, there are actually hidden a lot of tutorials if cutting out the factual posts that describe an issue and resolving it at some point. So if you feel fancy, please submit these tutorials via this form:

Your post will be moderated by the editorial team, and once it is live, you’ll get a response via email that it is live. But your name or real email address will never reach the public.

Please let us (the editorial team) know if there’s something missing, you like or dislike stuff you find on the new via the feedback form right hand side.

Thanks a lot in advance!