New menu in the admin panel


How can I add one new menu item under Administrator products in the admin side. Using this i need to upload images and details of our products.

Thanks in advance.

I have added menu item in the admin panel. I have created a new oxtable in the database. For this i need to generate model, controller. Is it possible to generate the model, controller using any method or we need to write the files manually.

Please help. Thanks in advance

you need a menu.xml file in your module directory to add new menu item, like this one:

it adds menu item in extensions submenu, that calls “vtdev_console” controller.
XML attribute ID contains the translation ident for the menu item, so you should translate it, like here:

here is original menu.xml you can refer to, in order to find the right place for your menu item:

Hi Vanilla,

I put the menu.xml file in the modules folder and have changed the application/views/admin/menu.xml file and application/views/admin/de/lang.php.

But when i checked the admin /controller folder there is no file named as vtdev_console.php. So I don’t know how to run this.

Could you please explain this? I am new to oxid and don;t know more details.

but the file is right there:

Hi vanilla,

oxid eshop current version is 4.7. Is there any change in methods for generating module in 4.7 version… I did all the mentioned steps but not able to generate model, controller for my new menu item.

hi vanilla,

I copied this file into my modules folder,

At the admin side Extensions->modules
I have activated OXID Module Skeleton Generator.

But the model and the controller is not generated. I don’t know what to do next.

Please help me.

oxid has no model and controller generators, you have to create them by hand


New menu item is created at the admin panel. But when we click on the menu, it is showing the shops front page.

How we can give the link to add the data and list details.

front page displayed in backend is an indication for an exception, mostly calling unavailable/undefined functions. You can find more information in exception_log.txt


I have checked the exception_log.txt. error is
oxSystemComponentException-oxException (time: 2017-02-07 13:57:50): [0]: EXCEPTION_SYSTEMCOMPONENT_CLASSNOTFOUND
Stack Trace: #0 /home/autospares/public_html/core/oxutilsobject.php(196): oxUtilsObject->_getObject(‘oxsystemcompone…’, 0, Array)

But i gave the properclass name and all details.

but shop says you did not.
Please show us your metadata.php and exact paths and class name of your controller

Hi vanilla,

Yes I gave incorrect class name. Now the frame is showing.

But under the main tab nothing is showing. It is blank.I wrote all the code in name_mail.tpl file.
But nothing is showing.

Please help me.

As i said, we need to see your code to know whats wrong with it.

u need the code in oxshopmetadata.php file?
Please clarify. Please find the below link. This one I am getting at the admin side.

Hi Vanilla,

I have corrected all classnames but still under the main frame tab nothing is showing.There is nothing on the exception.log file regarding this error.

Man, what’s so difficult to understand with this?

Please show us your metadata.php and exact paths and class name of your controller

As long as you do not provide this information, nobody can help you but with guessing.