New Planet OXID in a beta status

Hi everybody,

as I might have mentioned before, we were working on a new planet OXID during the last weeks & months. We changed the server as well as the software, configured and adapted it to our needs.

Planet OXID is an aggregator for blogposts around all OXID topics. You’ll find a lot of tutorials, information about new modules and live shops here. If you run a blog yourself and want to appear on planet OXID, please register.

What is new and better than before?
[li]better design[/li][li]can be managed via an admin interface[/li][li]posts will be moderated[/li][li]posts will remain on planet even if a blog will disappear (so the tutorials don’t get lost)[/li][li]self-registration possible[/li][li]filter for topic by language[/li][li]offer the possibility to post even if you don’t run an own blog[/li][/ul]

Future plans:
[li]embed a logo for planet OXID (will be done tomorrow?)[/li][li]send an RSS feed or the entire content for tutorials only to the wiki on OXIDforge (if possible)[/li][li]send automatic tweets, facebook- and Google+ posts if new content happens depending on the category (if possible)[/li][/ul]

Please note that this platform is still in a beta phase and will remain until I return from my parental leave.

Let’s collect everything you stumble upon in this thread. We’d also be interested in what you like and what not - thanks for letting us know! :slight_smile:

Hi again,

we were still working a bit on it and changed the following behaviour:

  • Instead of displaying the entire article on the start page we added a [Continue reading] link to the original post, the article itself will be cut at 800 chars. In the hope of a better readability and no hassle with duplicate content.
  • On the start page as well as on the detail page we implemented a link to the source of the blog post.

Thanks to @nickname for the help!

We’d be glad to hear your opinion about the planet as it is now.


Hi everybody,

last chance for complaining :slight_smile:
We’re about to go to the stable phase, will announce the new planet soon: