Next problems with instalation the testing library

Hi, previously I asked about install the testing library here: Problems with OXID testing library for modules - #6 by Szymon

Now I have other problem - after installation (new VM and new, clear project) when I run ./vendor/bin/reset-shop and then ./vendor/bin/runtests the output which I get it is a bash script from file runtests:

#!/usr/bin/env sh

dir=$(cd “${0%[/\]*}” > /dev/null; cd ‘…/oxid-esales/testing-library/bin’ && pwd)

if [ -d /proc/cygdrive ] && [[ $(which php) == $(readlink -n /proc/cygdrive)/* ]]; then
# We are in Cgywin using Windows php, so the path must be translated
dir=$(cygpath -m “$dir”);

“${dir}/runtests” “$@”

It looks like the passthru() inside runSuite() inside the runtests file function returns this output, but I don’t know why…

I try to debug something, and the parameters which are passed to passthru():

$suite: ‘/var/www/tests/source/modules/kira/paypalsubscriptionoxidexample/tests/’
$phpUnit: php /var/www/tests/vendor/oxid-esales/testing-library/…/…/…/vendor//bin/phpunit --bootstrap /var/www/tests/vendor/oxid-esales/testing-library/bin/…/bootstrap.php
$arguments: ‘AllTestsUnit’

This all files above exists .

After that the $returnCode = 0

Could some one help me with this problem?

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