Nginx failure on logging into backend of oxide eshop

Hello everyone,

I am having a problem with my shop. When i try to login the backend of my shop my nginx server crashes and throws 502 bad gateway error. How can i fix it?

use apache, as suggested in system requirements

We are using the same setup for a long time.
Oxid 4.10.2 .
It is using nginx as a reverse proxy.
When I restart the server, shop works alright but when I try to log into the backend then I start to get nginx 504 connection timeout error and after a while 502 bad gateway error.

What could be the solution

i figured out that problem is with the database. a process is created when i try to log into backend. If i kill that process then I am able to go to the log in screen again.

I still do not know the solution

can you access the shop without reverse proxy?
just to find out if the shop is the problem or the reverse proxy

how can i do that?

I have the test shop on the same server and both its frontend and backend are working fine.

maybe there is difference in vhost or proxy configuration

can it be an issue that a query is being stuck?

in theory yes, if apache takes longer than nginx wants to wait, it sends connection timeout to the browser.

what could be the solution?

I have turned off reverse proxy nginx. Backend only shows the header and keeps on loading. @vanilla_thunder