North America Shop Extension Available

I released an extension that adapts the OXID shop to North American standards (including support for such things as taxes & addresses). It’s more than just a module because changes were necessary to several template files. As a result, a custom theme must be used, but this ‘theme’ is really just the Azure them with necessary changes made.

For more details see the README file.

Available here:

I posted a few live examples using the extension here:

Next up, a GPL PayPal module…

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Brilliant, Shaun!
Will head back to you to get it a bit more public. Let me make some plans :wink:


Hi Spurvis, would you be able to repost the N. America Shop extention? The original link is not working. Thanks in advance!

@klekos, it is here now: Also, @spurvis is not available any more. Be aware that this post as well as the module is ~ six years old. I could imagine that it doesn’t work with a present OXID version. Maybe you can use it as a “line of thought”.

Indeed it’s 6 years… Thank you.