Not showing all the products in a category

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I’ve a category in which I’ve added nearly 40 products in admin panel…but it only shows first 20 products in the shop…can anyone please help me why it is that and how can I tackle this problem please?? Please if you didn’t understand my problem I’ll happily show you the screenshots so you understand my problem…please


Have you configured min and max prices for this category? This changanges the category behavior a little bit.

If not, is there any pagination visible?
Is that a fresh shop installation or an already operational shop with customized theme and additional modules?

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I’ve changed the price rate but the problem is it starts showing all the products…actually I’ve made a new category of SALE where I only wants to put all the products which are on sale…but if I changed the Min and Max price then it shows all the products which are in the shop not only the products which I’ve added in that category…

Can you tell me what Pagination is?? As I’m new to Oxid Eshop…can you refer any link to me please for understanding this PAGINATION thing which you are talking about…

It’s an old shop which we’ve updated from 4 to 6…but when I make a new category in it then I’m facing many problems…there is also one more problem I’m facing but I’ll make a new THREAD for it…

Thanks for replying to me early…

some configuration options in oxid admin have tooltips, they should apper when you click on the [ ? ] buttons next to the text input, like that:

setting min/max price makes the category ignore assigned products, and instead all the products within this price range will be automatically included into this category.
So if you want to assign particular products, you have to leave the min/max prices empty.
(some more information about category configuration can be found here:

pagination is the part of the page where you can select the page number:

basically, you might be seing only 20 products because the shop is configured to dispaly 20 products per page, but your pagination is not there to go to the second page. You might change product sort in this category to see, if some other products appear.

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Thank you for the big help…I’ve figured out the problem…there were some products which weren’t not active that’s why it was not showing in SALE category…I’m really sorry for disturbing you…Thank you for the big help…