Notepad++ & Smarty Tag Plugin for this editor

Hi There

I have a question which might best answered by developers - so if this not the appropriate area to post - please move it to Installation / Beginners.

I love to use the free Open Source Editor notepad++ editor for oxid.
php is displayed fine (with colored elements). It can on the fly cross convert UTF-8 and ANSI code and does a good job.

There exists a smarty Plugin for notepad++ and the i installed it (as described ) and linked it with TPL Files.
I tried repeadetly back and forth, but could not make the “language” plugin work.

Its displayed in the language drop down list (as language SMARTY), but the files are not processed (no SMARTY Tag recognition)

[B]My Question is how can i make it work ? [/B]

Can sombody share with me the special configuration needed to make notepadd++ working with the OXID type of “Smarty”-TAGs ?

I presume the problem relates to the enhanced “Delimiters” which are used by oxid [{ SMARTYTAG }] instead of the usual { SMARTYTAG }.

Thanks for your help.


Hi MM,

Where did you find the smarty plugin?


If you really need this for a better life… :wink:

Here I post a modul that makes oxid work with standard smarty limiter.
Maybe you will check for isAdmin() to have the normal oxid limiter in admin views.

But its a lot of work to change all templates. :frowning: