One shipping method when specific product is in the basket


I have got question. It is possible to have only one shipping method available (in first checkout step) when we have few product with different shipping method assigned?


I have got two product in my basket. On of my product is standard one and second is my “specific” one. Both product has different shipping method (DHL for standard product and DPD for specific product).
Now when I add both product I have two shipping method available in checkout step.

Goal is to have only DPD available because “specific” product is in the basket.

Is it possible to achieve desired functionality without any additional code changes?

I wrote a module for this purpose. What shopversion are you using? Ah i see you are using 6.2. I will see if i can update the module.

Yes. There is a module since 2013 for excluding options that you can test: FOXIDO.DE | Versandoptionen ausschließen | Oxid Module

However, one or few shipping cost rule(s) that contain(s) the special item(s) and “Do not calculate any further rules if this rule applies” is clicked, should be sufficient. :wink:

Updated info for 6.x: GitHub - leofonic/oxid_exclusive_deliverysets: Module "Exclusive Shipping Methods" for OXID eShop

Thank you very much to all of you,

It looks like this module works like we expect :wink: