Online-Shops mit OXID eShop pdf version


Hello guys,

I have recently started using oxid eshop and I am a total newbie.

Does anyone have a pdf version of the official book, or any other suggested materials for beginners to learn from? German is fine as well.



Hi Ane,

the documentation of the OXID eShop can be found online: In the admin area of the shop you can use the Start Help function in the footer to get detailed information.

Good luck!


Thank you very much Jürgen


The link doesn’t work. And many tutorials are from previous versions and their code does not work.

I would like to take a look at the book because I hope it would be explained in more detail how everything is organized.

If anyone has the pdf version, I would be very grateful if he could share.

Thanks a lot,


Oh, it’s my fault. of course.


P.S.: “Onlineshops mit OXID eShop” is available as secondhand book at Amazon :wink: