Order# dropout

Hi All

Just recently one of my websites started to experience instability when it assigns an order number. It went from 1650 something to 1550 something dropping 100.


  1. is this a known issue and if so how can I correct it
  2. where do I find the area where’order numbers’ are assigned?
  3. where do I change the base number say from 1500 to 2,000?

Thanks team

Hi Don,

never heard of dropping order number in a manner of going backwards. Yep, sometimes, when (as far as I remember) using paypal, some orders could be skipped like jumping from 1653 to 1655, skipping 1654.

For changing the base number, please go to your last order (main tab) and simply set the next wished number :wink:


Thanks Marco,

I needed to rule in or out this possibility and now I can rule it out.

Recently I have migrated all my domains including the domain in question, from one provider to another wholesale web hosting provider. This hasn’t been without some troubles.

I think that the DB may have sufferred a memory loss when it was transferred fromone provider to the other. This seems to be logical.

Now I need to work out how to recover any lost information. Technically there should be two databases; one that was being used actively until the migration and the 2nd which would be a copy of the original DB plus or minus some data.

It still does not make total sense but I am getting close to an answer.