Hi everyone,

I have developed a module which generates articles in oxarticle table when user uploads it via different form. But Problem is that is that It just adds the multilingual fields to only user selected lang.
I.E When oxtitle = test is visible in en page, instead of this oxtitle_1 = test_en. and strange is that its not showing any title when lang changed to de!!

can anyone help out what I need to implement for such kind of situation!

Thanks in advance.

You have to write the fields in every language table. If you use objects ($oArticle), have a look at “setEnableMultilang(false)”. You can than write all fields in the first table and the data will be processed to the right language tables.

Hi @rubbercut,

Thank you 4 quick response. It works. Thanks a lot.
And wish you a very Happy new year.

With pleasure. Then please mark as done.
I also wish a happy new year

Sure Buddy!