Oxid 6.1.2 - main page - nothing in cart



I am trying to install version 6.1.2. Everything is working as usual. But when I buy some products on eshop then I get URL like http://XXXX/index.php?cl=start&anid=058de8224773a1d5fd54d523f0c823e0&. After that when I go to the main page then I get URL only http://XXXX and there is nothing in cart. When I buy something after that, then I get same URL as on beginning and all products are in cart.

It is possible to fix it to have product in cart on main page?

Thank you very much.


Hi Vaclav,

the strange URL in cart is okay as it is not SEO relevant at all. I wonder that you loose product items in the cart when switching back to the home page, couldn’t reproduce it in demo shop. I reckon you’re loosing the session because some server configuration (e.g. session storage) might be strange. Hardened PHP project maybe?


Hi Marco,

now I found out that it is problem with my browser (Google Chrome) and settings there. In other browser it works and in the same version of my browser by my friend it works also. So it is only by me.

Thank you very much.