OXID 6: Function ‘getTSExcellenceId’ does not exist


I am trying to upgrade template from oxid 4.10 to oxid 6, and when I am trying to buy any product,
I am getting these errors:

OxidEsales\EshopCommunity\Core\Base->__call(‘getTSExcellence…’, Array)

[message Function ‘getTSExcellenceId’ does not exist or is not accessible! (OxidEsales\Eshop\Application\Controller\PaymentController)

Any help?
Thank you.

Also, I found here: https://oxidforge.org/en/oxid-eshop-v6-0-0-beta1-detailed-code-changelog.html
that getTSExcellenceId() and some others are totally removed from OXID 6.

It means that I must to remove them, without any replacement?

Thank you.

Any Trusted Shops functionality was removed from the core. You may use a module instead. I remember that there was a blog post about it on OXIDforge.

I think that Trusted Shops module is available only for lower version, still not for OXID 6…

Just stumbled upon this thread again. I meant this module: https://exchange.oxid-esales.com/Legal-and-Security/Legal/Trusted-Shops-trustmark-customer-reviews-1-0-5-Stable-EE-PE-4-7-x-5-0-x-5-3-x.html

Did you check it out if it works for OXID eShop 6? If not, is it not under GPL so you can alter the code (and mayhap send a pull request with your alterations to the source)? Otherwise, I’d contact the vendor, TS itself.