OXID 6 howto install vendormeta.php via composer

I am refactoring my OXID4 modules to OXID6.

I use the oePaypal module for orientation.

My modules are located at bitbucket. I have adapted the shop composer.json accordingly. The modules are installed properly. Now I noticed that I have not yet provided the vendormeta.php. I could copy this file by hand now. But this is not a solution. Does anyone have a suitable example? I have not found any proper instructions on how to deploy a vendormeta.php during the composer installation.
The composer.json from oepaypal module does not care about the vendormeta.php.


v6 modules installed via composer do not require vendormetadata.php anymore


i dont think so.

My Moduls would installed in modules\trw\xyzmodule and modules\trw\abcmodule.
In the OXID-backend i go to the modul sections and i didnt saw my moduls. First as i copied the vendormeta.php in modules\trw, my modules would shown in the list.


You’re right, I was able to delete the vendormeta.php without the modules are no longer in the list of modules to see.

Why were you so sure that the vendormeta.php is no longer needed? What makes OXID6 different now?

I’m asking because I do not know what I meanwhile have been fulfilled by my programming for conditions, so it works now.

Interesting read. There’ll be a blog post published, best case already on the morrow, to explain especially stuff like that. Please make sure you check out this RSS feed: