OXID 6 - Install Module without Composer

After I installed OXID6 version community edition, I tried to install PayPal module without composer (Using the old way), but I faced with some problems.

Below are screenshots from Structure of the Shop and content from some of the files:

  1. Structure of the Shop:


  1. composer.json file from Paypal (same from github, not changed)


  1. Metadata.php file for PayPal Module (same from github, not changed):


But when I am trying to Activate, I am receiving following error:


Any help?

you need composer to generate the autoloader files to get the namespaces

In composer.json file for the shop?

The latest Paypal module was written using namespaces for usage only from OXID eShop 6 on. That’s why composer is needed like @ProudCommerce wrote, to get the namespaces. If you use older modules that do not use namespaces yet, the installation shall be possible like it was done before.
BTW: when installing the compilation, the Paypal module is already included. No need to install it later.

Thanks a lot.

Hi, I need to install module without composer (Using the old way). Can any one please help me using copy paste installation procedure for Oxid 6.

Some modules need to install with composer. Then you should read this:


If module dont’ need composer dependencies simple copy/paste should work.

Am i wrong? :slight_smile:

You’re right, if module uses old-style classnames without namespace there is no need for composer.

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@leofonic - how long you think metadata 1.1 solution (old-style classnames) will be compatible with oxid 6? Should I be afraid and change all module to the new convention?

i hope forever :wink: but i don’t know.

I don’t know, but i think it’s easy to switch to namespaces later, so no need to be afraid.

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Hi, I am using metadata 2.0 with namespace. My module is working fine with composer installation, but i need to install copy/paste procedure with same module. If possible to install the copy/paste procedure for metadata 2.0.

you need composer or local dev environment with composer if you want to use namespaces

A tiny yet superb tool to install an entire package without the need to install composer on the server or at your localhost:

nice :slight_smile: