Oxid CE/PE 4.0.0 User Counter Modul / Users Online Modul

(This is a translated version from the german forum)


We have made a “Users Online” module for the Oxid Shop. It shows how many concurrent users you have at the moment. It is a GPL modul and can be downloaded here for free:

Download here

There is an english readme attached (readme_en) - the installation is easy, if you have any problems ask your oxid partner or post them here.Some feedback or feature requests would be nice.

nice. I love that one :slight_smile:

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Glad you like it, do you think the code snippet in the index.php can be implemented somewhere else ? It is problematic if there are updates - i tried putting it into the functions.php but the file is included to early and the controller isn’t ready at this point.

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nice module :slight_smile: About the problem with adding something into the index.php, yes your’ right thats not a nice way. So I was thinking about how to make it better and came up with an additional module of the class “oxshopcontrol” which in my opinion suits perfect. (you suggested that as well) But right now there is still a small draw back:
in index.php at line 101 you still need to change something
$oShopControl = new oxShopControl(); INTO $oShopControl = oxnew (‘oxshopcontrol’);
Why this is not default I don’t know but I’ll see to get some feedback from a developer and maybe this will be enhanced in an upcoming version.

download the modified files here

Why should one change the index.php for that??
This is typical job for a component module. Take oxcmp_utils - this will fit perfectly.

The render()-method of components is executed always - with each klick in the shop. So you can just build a module of oxcmp_utils, overload the render()-method, put in the methods of your actual module “counter” and trigger it through the render()-method. That’s it - and that’s the way it will keep compatibility with other modules an updates of the shop.


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Like the Module as well - I Just translatet the original post into the russian Forum.

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