OXID eShop Cheat Sheet for developers

Hi everybody,

I prepared something :slight_smile:

A while ago Thomas (D³) provided a cheat sheet for OXID eShop. We updated this paper and prepared it for printing.

I’d like to have some feed back now:

[li]Do you think the cheat sheet is useful?[/li][li]Is there something missing that could fit the paper?[/li][li]Other stuff you’d like to mention?[/li][li]etc.[/li][/ul]

I’d like to print and laminate this cheat sheet and take it to diverse events. It would be nice to have for developers that may use it as a crib (cheat sheet :-)) on their desk.

Thanks and regards!

there are still a few bits of German left. I assume that it is supposed to be in English only, right?
Also I suggest to add the db-schemas to the link collection: http://docu.oxid-esales.com/CE/dbdocumentation/
There seems to be a problem with some characters in the Smarty section on page 1 (entries 2+3). These are using another font, I guess.

I find oxRegistry::getUtils()->writeToLog() worth mentioning, too, for debugging.

Hi Marco,

I think it’s a great idea! One suggestion maybe, in the MySQL section, i would rather put php scripts examples to query data with oxDB like how to fetch multiple rows, execute a query and how to quote a variable…
I know it by heart now but i remember how many times I searched for this info at the beggining!

Also, maybe, a quick and simple treeview with an explanation of each main directories (core, out, tmp, application …) could be useful.