OXID eShop now available in BitNami

Hi everyone,

BitNami is an organization that builds up complete stacks for open source server software.

That means if you want to run OXID eShop you need to have an operating system, a database server, a webserver, PHP installed and everything has to be configured properly. This is where BitNami comes into the game: install OXID eShop with one click no matter if you want to run it in your laptop or host it in the cloud.

The most cool thing is that one can choose the environment by taste, no matter if preferring the Amazon cloud, a virtual machine or a LAMP, MAMP or even a WAMP stack.

We’d like to thank BitNami in the name of the whole community for the useful stacks as well as @Hebsacker who managed the entire workflow by himself!

Read BitNami’s blog post about the OXID eShop integration: