OXID eShop version 4.7.12/5.0.12 published - including changes due to new Consumer Right Directive

The patch releases 4.7.12 (CE + PE) and 5.0.12 (EE) are published. You’ll find all important information about this release as usual on this page:

Please note that this release contains some template changes and a new field in the table “oxarticles” due to the new German Consumer Right Directive.

Please also check our (German) blog posts about this topic:

The patch release for OXID eShop 4.8/5.1 series including these changes has already been released on 6th of June:

If you run an older shop version, can’t update for some reason and need to build in the necessary changes for the new German Consumer Right Directive, please read this document that shall lead you through the changes manually:

Accordingly we published an updated version of the OXID eShop mobile Theme v1.1.1 for OXID eShop >= 4.7.12 and v1.2.1 for OXID eShop series >= 4.8.6. Please note that this version of the mobile theme will not work with older OXID eShop versions.

And last not least: The ERP connector, available for Professional and Enterprise Edition only, was updated to version 2.13.0 in order to work properly with both new OXID eShop versions.


Hi Marco,

just in time :wink:

Why are the database changes only in the .php File and not in the update.sql File?
Can you check the Update from 4.7.12 to 4.8.6, its broken at the Moment.


Which php file with db changes do you mean?
And for the update patch: this is kinda normal as 4.7.12 was released after 4.8.6


Hi Marco, sry

in the cummulated update PATCH_OXID_ESHOP_CE_V.4.7.11_TO_V.4.7.12 (same in 4.6.7 to 4.6.8)
File: updateApp - Updates - sql -> “4.7.12.sql” <-- In this file is only the update of the Version. All other database update SQL-Commands are only in the “UpdateApp->Updates->PHP-> 4.7.12.php” File.
Usually we dont care about the php and only update the SQL directly with phpmyadmin. But then the new OXSHOWCUSTOMAGREEMENT is missing.

Oh, i just saw that Oxid always mixes different versions (contents) in the php and the sql File of the UpdateApp->Update. Sometimes the sql-Update-Code is in the php File and sometimes in the sql.
I remembered that it is ok only to update the database with the sql, but according to the manual, you should use the updateApp and all is fine.

The download file for the update is fixed now. For the update to the 4.6.8 someone replaced the Choice of 4.7.12 with 4.7.11. Now it works.


Cool second part. Will have a look at the sql stuff laters.

for the sql stuff, you may have a look to the Update 4.7.11 to 4.8.6
Update code in the file.php in the 4.8.0.php and 4.8.6.php and the file.sql are with code in the 4.8.0.sql, 4.8.3.sql and 4.8.5.sql
Maybe its more a asthetic point, but also a source of errors.


will there be an Cumulative Update Package available for 4.7.12 to 4.8.6?



[QUOTE=Gecker;146048]will there be an Cumulative Update Package available for 4.7.12 to 4.8.6?[/QUOTE]

Yes, as soon as there’s a 4.8.7 :wink:

Hi Marco,

can i take instead also the 4.7.11 to 4.8.6 package for testing purposes or are there big differences between 4.7.11 and 4.7.12 ?



Hi BB,

sure there’re bigger differences as usual as the new Consumer Right Directive was built in 4.7.12. And of course you can try updating whatever you want for testing purposes. Alone, I wouldn’t do at this point in order to save my time :wink:


I have trouble with the freight rates in the basket if a customer buys two articles with variants.

I can’t finde any reason for the behavior of the shop.

As i see i stucked in a dead end until 4.8.7 is released as there is no chance for updating the database to 4.8.6 :(.