OXID eShop versions 4.10.5 and 5.3.5 + versions 4.9.10 and 5.2.10 released

Hi everybody,

the following releases have been published today:

  • OXID eShop version 4.9.10 CE, PE and 5.2.10 EE (legacy branch)
  • OXID eShop version 4.10.5 CE, PE and 5.3.5 EE (maintenance branch)

Both releases contain just bug fixes (including a fix for security issue 2017-001, CVSS = 2.2). No GUI changes made.

Please see these posts for more details:


Hi Marco,
are there already some informations available about the upcoming Version 6 of Oxid?
I think i read something, that it will be shown on some of the autum fairs.

Hi @Firefax,

well, RC1 is already available, and RC2 is most likely ready in a couple of days (no exact date available yet. RC2 will technically be finished, and until the stable release (by the end of the year) we will work on stuff like documentation, OXID Academy, bug fixes, module updates etc…


… and Admin 2.0? :slight_smile:

Thanks admin :slight_smile: