Oxid exorbyte Commerce Search issue



i am trying to download this module but unable to download this


Please take a look and let me know is there any way to download this module.


This is oxid community forum, not oxid eSales support. If there is any issue with exchange modules, please write an email to OXID eSales support.


Is there any module which I can use with same design and feature ?


exchange tells me that this product cannot be downloaded/purchased. What exact design and feature are you looking for?


yes I am looking for same exact design which I will customise accordingly.


i am looking for same exact design and functionality do you have any other module which I can customise?


It would be very helpful, if you could be a bit more talkative, @manishj. At the end of the day you might assume that no one of us has ever seen this exorbyte module. So please describe what feature set and what design you have in mind if you want us to help.



Take a look this url :

I would required to have search filter with Attribute and Attribute vaule so i can customise accordingly.

I have seen the feature of exorbyte Commerce Search is same as this url. thats why i try to use the module but unfortunatly its not been able to download at my end.

Hope that make sense now?


Try this (SIT-SEO-MULTIFILTER | ARTICLEFILTER, SEARCH). It appears to be the successor of the Module you tried to download.



is this open for CE Version.Also could you help me with github repository.