OXID implements GraphQL

Originally published at: https://oxidforge.org/en/oxid-implements-graphql.html

APIs, also known as interfaces between systems, separation of front ends and back ends, data consumers of any kind… are really nothing new in e-commerce. In e-commerce, there have been creative solutions for colourful system landscapes for years. Nevertheless, in 2019 a buzzword like “headless” will be back on the podium. Where until recently “headless” was mentioned in the same breath as REST, another player is now entering the stage of the wider public - and quite rightly so. His name: GraphQL.

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This blog post is now available in English as well: https://oxidforge.org/en/oxid-implements-graphql.html Please feel free to request if anything has to be explained a bit more deeply :wink:

is there a public documentation or access option, to check the functionalities of the GraphQL Lib. We are interested in using the Lib when porting our native shopping apps for ios and Android to oxid 6.

Unfortunately, not yet. It is still in a closed beta status.