OXID Internal Emails Failing To Be Sent To Customers

Hi again,

At first I thought this problem had more to do ,with those that host my website because this problem just started happening without any changes being made by myself.

  1. Error sending eMail(Your Neighbourhood Watch Shop order (#1800)) to:
    [email protected] (order)
    Error : SMTP Error: Could not connect to SMTP host.

Apparently the email to [email protected] is supposed to have failed to come to me but in reality the very next email was the order #1800!

Does anyone have any clues? The SMTP Server is set at mail.neighbourhoodwatchshop.com.au


So you got the error, but you also got the order email, right? Perhaps error occurs sending the order email to the customer.

AFAIK if the connection to the SMTP server fails, OXID will fall back to using standard Linux sendmail, so the mail could still go out (if sendmail is working properly on the server).