Oxid new installation js not working


I am trying to copy Oxid shop to new server.

I have followed the following steps:

  1. Copied default oxid shop to server
  2. Install shop
  3. Overwrite my website except .htaccess, logs, config.inc
  4. included $this->blSkipViewUsage = true; in config file
  5. uploaded mysql dump.

Problem is that js is not loading, dropdown’s are not working and spinner images are not loading.
in console i am getting following errors:

Uncaught SyntaxError: missing ) after argument list

(index):1905 Uncaught TypeError: $(…).odFlowPop is not a function
at (index):1905

Hello @Mutayyab_Usama,

your description means an update? https://docs.oxid-esales.com/developer/en/6.1/update/index.html


Hello @indianer3c
I am just copying from one server to another.

Maybe Module https://github.com/OXIDprojects/od-flow-pop is missing…

Hello @Mutayyab_Usama

try to delete all Module Entries in your database.

SELECT * FROM oxconfig WHERE oxvarname LIKE "%aModul%";
DELETE FROM oxconfig WHERE oxvarname LIKE "%aModul%";

First create Backup of oxconfig Table, please.


This solution does not work. My shop stops working when i run the following Mysql query:
DELETE from oxconfig oxvarname like “%aModul%”;


I recently moved my shop from a shared hosting to dedicated cloud using plesk. I am running into errors. Website is not loading javascript elements and in backend I am not getting option to clear cache.
domain is: decoramitest.tk

Have you change your config.inc.php credentials and check your .htaccess file?

Have you clear your cache directory?

I thought you have to debug a lot…

The same shop works fine on xampp, everything else is working except JS components. I am new to oxid i am unable to figure out the bug.

Have you compare JavaScript Files?

Something missing on other server?

You can check the module files https://github.com/OXIDprojects/od-flow-pop/search?q=.odFlowPop too and for your old shop version you can use https://github.com/OXIDprojects/oxrun#installation to activate and deactivate modules via console.

And when you use an Enterprise Edition maybe you have a license issue and you have to contact OXID eSales support https://www.oxid-esales.com/en/shop-system/support/our-service-support-is-made-in-germany/

I have checked no files are missing. Once i log into backend of shop, Everything starts working in frontend.

But when i go to incognito mode dropdowns and spinner images stop working.

I hope you see the errors in console

Dropdowns and spinner images not working on normal mode too.

And you use jQuery Libraries twice