OXID6 after Migration from OXID 4 not all DBs with InnoDB

When i migrate a OXID4 installation with the both migrationscipts to OXID6:
migrate_ce_5_3_to_6_0.sql and migrate_ce_5_3_to_6_0_cleanup.sql from
some tables are´nt InnoDB-Tables (oxarticles, oxcounters, oxorder, orderfiles, oxorderarticles, oxseo, oxseohistory, oxseologs,oxuserbasketitems, oxuserbaskets, oxuserpayments, oxvouchers, oxvoucherseries).
In the migration-script, you´ll didnt find the sql-query for change the DB-Engine.
On a fresh OXID6-installation all Tables are InnoDB-Tables. In the documentation is written, that all OXID-Tables are InnoDB-Tables

Can i change the above tables to InnoDB?

Should i create a pull-Request to the Documentation?

Those tables should already have been innodb before the update i suppose, that’s why there are not changed in the migrate script.

Thanks. I have a system whose data I have been taking care of for a long time. Possibly all these tables were not yet put on InnoDB. I can not find the reason anymore. I’ll include it in my own migration SQL as a precautionary measure if it strikes me in other projects I’m in charge of.