OxidDevHour FR, 2020-06-26

This Friday, June 26th we have had our first official OxidDevHour. It is a format ajar to OXID User Groups, just more efficient, using virtual possibilities still with distance contact, and more concentrated on OXID developers. It is moderated, happens weekly and is 100% topic-oriented. Additionally, this helps us beat the problem to transport issues and solutions inter-regionally.

And here is a screen shot of last Fridays “muppet show”

OXID eShop 6.2 Next Level Module Development – Bulletproof Modules!

@patrickblom introduced about a new way of possible module development, using services in OXID 6.2 based on the principle of hexagonal architecture. He stated that modules developed this way will be extremely robust and can be tested with a wink of an eye. Here are his slides:

PDF-Generation for invoices, delivery sheets etc. with html2PDF

@d3-data-development introduced a module that might replace OXIDprojects/pdf-invoice-module as it handles documents like invoices, delivery sheets etc. via real tpl-files instead of the present solution. They also say that this “framework” will be opened in a manner of free and libre software to anyone – just earn your money with adapting the templates. No slides available as this talk was hold off the cuff.

Afterwards, @proudcommerce started a discussion about how to deal with technical points of the new cookie consent regulation. To say it upfront: We didn’t come to any agreement because the legal view on it is still vague and nobody knows how to resolve it properly.


I personally was more than happy with this first OxidDevHour results: 17 participants, very interesting workshops and good as well as free discussions. Even at least three peeps of the OXID core team took part voluntarily (= I didn’t have to whip them^^).


However, there were some learnings that we definitely are going to avoid the next time:

  • Four or five attendees didn’t give their ID, not via microphone, nor cam or even entering their names/nick names. These guys didn’t even join any discussion. If you want to join the next time, please be prepared to at least give your names
  • Jitsi credentials get lost after the last one leaves a session. This chat room was prepared a couple of days before and a password was set. However, the first to enter a new session has to set a new password.
  • Recording was unfortunately not possible this time.

The next time…

… this meeting will happen again on Friday 2 PM CEST. As always, we will publish the credentials shortly upfront in our Dev-general Slack channel as this event is for Developers.


@roland-golla will introduce his Testify infrastructure, an environment for automatic testing of your software solution on the basis of codeception.

Looking forward, see you then!

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