Oxide server migration


I want to migrate an oxide eshop from one server to another,
I have copied the database and oxideeshop files, Cleared the /tmp/ directory.
Now when i connect to the oxide eshop url. it is showing

[B][B]Error establishing a database connection[/B][/B]

I have created the same database and restored it in new server.I can access the database using shell with the db user.

Please help me to resolve this/

do you have phpmyadmin?
some databases have restrictions for incoming connections and allow their users only to connect on particular network interface, like localhost or 127.0.0.!
So, If your database host is not locahost, you need to check if your database user is allowed to connect.
Also, database might be running on an a different port than default. Hoste’r FAQ and Documentation should have further information about database port.

“Error establishing a database connection” is probably produced by a wordpress installation. Oxid would show “Shop offline!” in this case.