Oxrun, a cli toolset for the OXID eShop Community Edition

Hey all,

i just released a cli tool to control the OXID eShop Community Edition.

Its quite handy for automated tests, deployments, administrative tasks and installations.

Bug reports and pull requests are welcome. :slight_smile:



Nice. Did you know this project? http://wiki.oxidforge.org/SDK#OXID_Console
Itโ€™s very similar, isnโ€™t it?

Yes, i know it and it was the reason (inspiration) i created oxrun.

I did not like that oxid-console had to be copied into the shop and was not encapsulated as a phar or installable via composer (like magerun). This features enables oxrun to do quite a bit more than oxid-console.

For example you can install a new shop via oxrun

php oxrun.phar install:shop --dbUser=yourDbUser --dbPwd=yourDbPwd --installationFolder=/path/to/documentroot --shopURL=http://www.example.com [email protected] --adminPassword=adminPassword

Set or read config values (quite useful with deployments)

php oxrun.phar config:set bl_perfLoadAktion false
php oxrun.phar config:get bl_perfLoadAktion

or active/deactive modules

php oxrun.phar module:activate invoicepdf
php oxrun.phar module:deactivate invoicepdf

Furthermore i think the plain console component provides a better foundation (more modern code) than the modified one used in oxid-console.