Passing admin id and token from admin tpl file

Hello Everyone.

I have a button in admin panel. How can I get the force_admin_sid and stoken parameters in the action field of the form.

<form class="js-oxValidate" name="fertig" action="index.php?force_admin_sid=va2tepnkil3i8900k187fpchf0&stoken=E0A216C7&cl=fertig" method="post" role="form" novalidate="novalidate"

I want both the parameters like this.

Please have a look to Admin Templates like article_main.tpl oxideshop_ce/article_main.tpl at master · OXID-eSales/oxideshop_ce · GitHub

<form name="transfer" id="transfer" action="[{$oViewConf->getSelfLink()}]" method="post">

but i also need to call a controller in admin/controller/ how can i do that?

You must read the source code carefully. Example oxideshop_ce/article_main.tpl at master · OXID-eSales/oxideshop_ce · GitHub

<input type="hidden" name="cl" value="article_main">

Yes this works.

I am new to oxid and I basically just have to update a database value based on the order number.
I am passing a value to controller:
<input type=“hidden” name=“ordernr” value="[{ $order->oxorder__oxordernr->value}]"
Like this.

How can I get this value in controller or model to update the value using the order number?

If i am able to do this operation in this way, Why do i need to implement module?

  1. That your change is encapsulated
  2. The other modules can overload your customization
  3. This will make your work with a version update easier
  4. Your controller is registered in the framework and can be used with oxNew() method
  5. Your solution can be used for other shops
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  1. your changes will not be deleted on next shop update

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