PayPal Checkout 2.3.0 spams error log (too many captures)

Hello, following problem:

  • OXID 6.4.3
  • only paypal checkout modul active with paypal and paypal express payment methods activated
  • paypal checkout live mode
  • paypal configuration (app and webhook) were created via the onboarding in oxid backend
  • there is only one webhook in paypal developer account, which was created via the onboarding
  • Direct Capture is configured modul in oxid backend

Payments and refund in oxid are working fine.

On like every 5th order with oscpaypal OR oscpaypal_express the following error message appears in the oxid error log. Seems like it tries to capture twice the money:

[2023-07-28 10:27:24] OXID Logger.ERROR: POST returned: 422 Unprocessable Entity
Returned Message: The requested action could not be performed, semantically incorrect, or failed business validation.
Error Details: 
[{"issue":"ORDER_ALREADY_CAPTURED","description":"Order already captured.If 'intent=CAPTURE' only one capture per order is allowed."}]


The following curl request could be used to simulate a similar request:
curl -v -X POST "" -H "User-Agent: GuzzleHttp/7" -H "Host:" -H "PayPal-Clie......

Additionaly the following error appears very often too:

[2023-07-28 13:35:47] OXID Logger.ERROR: Shop Order for PayPal order '1WN98278U39538253' not found ["[object] (OxidSolutionCatalysts\\PayPal\\Exception\\WebhookEventException(code: 0): Shop Order for PayPal order '1WN98278U39538253' not found at....

Thanks for help in advance!