PayPal Portlet Function isStandardCheckoutEnabled() ?

In the very first line the file [I]oepaypal/out/blocks/oepaypalpaymentselector.tpl[/I] checks whether the result of[I] $oViewConf->isStandardCheckoutEnabled() [/I]is true.

Where can I find a documentation about this function.
I can choose Paypal if I skip this function, but perhaps it makes sense leaving it there.

[li]What does this function do?
[/li][li]Why isn’t there a documentation here?
[/li][li]And what value must be set true to pass the check of isStandardCheckoutEnabled?

Hi Jonas,
there are two different ways of checkout in PayPal standard checkout, that means you have to go through the whole checkout and can pay via PayPal at the end of this process. ExpressCheckout enables the PayPal payment in the first step of checkout, you do not need to fill address fields and so on.
This settings are defined in eFire Portlet PayPal Settings Page and if you disable standard checkout AND also express checkout, paypal is not active in shop and also not displayed

About dokumentation: As far as I know, work is in progress but still not finished