Permissions problem

Hello all, first post…

I’m currently in the setup process of OXID eshop community edition and im hanging at step 5. Directory

It automatically detects my directories and then when i click the save and continue button im presented with this error:

ERROR: Not possible to change /www/’s rights to (chmod 0755)!
ERROR: /www/ not writeable!

I have checked folder permissions on the site and they are set to 755… so I’m not sure what the problem is… Any suggestions?

Thanks :slight_smile: can’t wait to get it working…:slight_smile:

there seems to be another post on here very similar to what i’m getting

… but i don’t speek german :frowning: can anyone translate the juicy bits thanks.


the installation script of the shop wants to set the permissions the right way, depends on your server if it works :wink:

If you have SSH access, you can try this (on a Debian system):

$ chown -R www-data /yourshopdir/

and set it back (to ftp-user) once the installation is done.

Some hosters provide a GUI tool to do so.



the solution shown above is not proper. Best is simply to chmod all files manually: