Php error reporting

how can i turn on php show errors in oxid ?

So that i receive a normal php error instead of a blank page ?


check debug level in

what about it ?
nothing i change there gives me php errors.
For example its on 4 at the moment, = blank page
In the php error log
PHP Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_CONSTANT_ENCAPSED_STRING in /var/www/bartels470/modules/messen/metadata.php on line 34,

Displaying php errors on the page is a part of the server configuration. But I’m not sure it would work cause oxid redirects you so you re actually not on the page where errors happened

its definately not a server config problem, my other sites do it without difficulties.

And there is no way to stop the redirect, cos that exactly what i want.
Please do not redirect, just die and show me the error.
…and yes i obviously would not want that when live, but it would be helpful when developing.

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I know this thread is someat older but maybe I can help here. Please try the following:

  • check your PHP configuration if display_errors is on
  • check your PHP configuration if error_reporting is set to E_ALL & E_NOTICE
  • deactivate the productive mode in your OXID eShop installation via admin panel -> core settings
  • set iDebug to -1 in your

Hope that helps

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