PHP updated to 7.2, now site doesn't work anymote

the company i work for has a site using Oxid eshop CE 4.10.6. That site is hosted in, and the server is a managed instance, so very limited control there. Recently the servers were updated to php version 7.2 from 5.6 so the site doesn’t work anymore now. Is there a way to run the update process to 4.10.8 then 6.0 in this scenario?

On you will find a simple instruction for this.

On HostEurope, you can usually choose a PHP version from a list of options. You won’t be able to go back to 5.6, but currently you have the choice between 7.0, 7.1 and 7.2. Maybe this will make it easier to quickly revive your shop.

To change the PHP version, log in to KIS and go to Product Admin > Webserver > Configure > Scripts & Databases > PHP versions

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At least, @snorri’s solution should give you some time for an OXID update like provided by @baberowski :wink:

@snorri I’ve tried this, but didn’t work. Site still stays blank with the php versions available (7.0-7.2). The question is: Can the upgrade process be done correctly with the current version running (Oxid CE 4.10.6 and php 7.2) even if the site doesn’t work?

Why not? OXID 6.x works easily with PHP 7.x. So you have nothing to loose. You only have to setup a second shop, do the stuff from the tutorial, maybe clone the DB to start the migration to OXID6 and then you have a workin shop on OXID6. Next step is only to remap the domain or switch the folders. Its not magic.
So whats better than a blank white page for the shop? Try it, you cant loose something.

“If you do not have the newest patch release of 4.10 / 5.3, you should first update to this patch release”. This is written in the first page of the upgrade tutorial. Is it safe to just jump straight to 6.x even if I haven’t updated the shop to 4.10.8 first?

No it isn’t. Look, a tuturoial is a tutorial is a tutorial…
You’ll find the update/upgrade packages here:

there is still the possibility to hack oxid 4.10 to work with php 7.x

would be an quick hack, an update to oxid6 should be considered on the long run…

@Jb123 I tested this article in my windows pc with Xampp 7.2 with CE 4.10.6 pasted in htdocs, and with these changes i was able to get a few steps in the setup process (after database name and creds, got errors afterwards), which i could’t do prior but in the actual site this didn’ work unfortunately.

yea its true setup is broken… but if its an existing shop you wouldnt need the setup anyway

@Jb123 I would’ve continued with the update process to 4.10.8 and then to 6.x, but currently i can’t even run the oxchkversion.php, so i don’t see how i can run the update package with the update packages in the link provided by Marco.

i would just do it in a non 7.x php enviroment

Hm just update the shop. Less work. More usefull. :wink:

That’s true, but as there are no database changes in the Patch Update, and all you take from the 4.10 Shop is the database, i would suppose it is safe to upgrade directly from 4.10.6 to 6 anyway.

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